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Pop Art Home Decor Inspiration | 5 ways to embrace Pop Art Décor!

Pop Art Home Decor Inspiration | 5 ways to embrace Pop Art Décor!

Pop Art Home Decor Inspiration | 5 ways to embrace Pop Art Décor!

Pop Art is a fun, colourful & witty home décor style, full of personality & playful cultural references. A Pop Art-inspired room or home appeals to all ages from small children to stylish grandparents! Try it out with our tips below.

Primary colours

The most distinctive Pop Art colours are the primarys – red, blue & yellow. Incorporate them into your Pop Art home decor using one of these ideas:

  • Style a white dining table with red, yellow & blue chairs
  • Choose a bold, red sofa and accessorise with blue & yellow cushions and throws
  • Create a stylish monochrome kitchen splashback, set off perfectly by red, yellow and blue kitchen accessories

Reinvent the feature wall

A3 pop art print lips
Channel some of that rebellious Pop Art attitude by making a feature of your wall with some cool, Pop Art prints. Pop Art prints are bright, bold and often feature replicated patterns. Be inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe print and customise your own Pop Art Lips print here!



Be bold!

Roy Lichtenstein is one of the most well known Pop Artists.  His work was often tongue-in-cheek and was inspired by the bold colours and lines of comic strips. You can channel his style in any room of your home by using bright, striking colours and geometric prints. Try a monochrome rug or carpet combined with some pops of colour.

pop art monochrome playroom ideas


If you aren’t ready for the full Pop Art home décor treatment, just ease yourself in with a few well-chosen pop art accessories. To create a Pop Art home, you need pops of colour, fun, playful accessories and bold, strong lines.

The golden banana in the image above is actually a Pop Art inspired lamp by Italian brand, Seletti! If banana lamps aren’t your thing, go for a bright vase, a colourful lamp or some Pop Art inspired bedding, as in the image below.

pop art bedroom decor ideas

Make it about you

The concept behind Pop Art style is one of popular culture; the Pop Art movement originated in the UK in the 1950s, as a way to explore popular culture and get away from the idea of art as something only for the elite. It features themes drawn from our own lives and what we see around us on television, in art, movies & life! So make your pop art home about you & your life:

  • Encourage your kids to make a replicated handprint artwork for the playroom in those iconic pop art colours – red, yellow and blue
  • Hang illuminated lettering in your bedroom, referencing a favourite movie quote
  • Commission a mural – perhaps featuring your family as superheroes, or you in the style of the iconic Marilyn Monroe!

I really hope you enjoy creating a Pop Art home; remember to be bold, use colour and inject your Pop Art personality into whatever you do!